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Celebrating Leading-Edge Women in Wellness

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Afro-Vegan Society applauds all the phenomenal Black women who have dedicated their lives to promoting wellness, plant-based eating, and empowering others to embrace a vegan lifestyle. In this article, we pay tribute to four extraordinary women who are making substantial contributions to our movement.


Dr. Qadira Ali Huff  The self-titled Dr. Mama-In-Chief at Sprouting Wellness, her organization which coaches parents on building family wellness models through behavioral and diet change, is someone who bridges the worlds of medicine and nutrition. As a pediatrician, lifestyle medicine physician and advocate for plant-based eating, Dr. Qadira Ali Huff strives to integrate evidence-based nutritional awareness into traditional medical practices. She starts with a no-rush approach to understanding the motivation behind people’s current lifestyle in order to strategize with them the best ways to achieve their health goals. As she says, “I’m passionate about helping families and communities discover the power of plant-based nutrition and other healthful lifestyle habits to prevent disease and to transition from surviving to thriving! True health is made one healthful habit at a time, and not during rushed visits to the doctor.” Her commitment and willingness to share knowledge gained from her own journey in a practical way is inspirational for so many families. 

Tracye McQuirter  A true pioneer in the vegan movement, Tracye McQuirter has been helping folks change their lives through veganism for four decades. As an accomplished author, speaker, and nutritionist, Tracey has played a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative around veganism and what it means to Black communities and specifically Black women. Her commitment to promoting plant-based eating is not only inspiring but has also led to positive transformations in so many of our lives. Through her engaging approach, Tracey breaks down barriers and makes plant-based choices more accessible. Tracy declares, “I truly believe that being vegan is all about practicing love, freedom and joy - no deprivation.” From her feature as an expert in the Netflix docuseries “You Are What You Eat” to her coaching program and soon-to-launch vegan travel endeavor Tracye is always working on ways to support. Check out our book list for her wonderful publications.

Dr. Ruby Lathon  Dr. Ruby Lathon stands at the intersection of engineering and holistic health, embodying the idea that we can all engineer a life of wellness. Her journey from a successful engineer to a leading figure in plant-based nutrition is a remarkable one. She’s often told her moving story of recovery from thyroid cancer through a whole food, plant-based diet and alternative therapies. “Fourteen months later, the once cancerous tumor was benign and months after that, the tumor completely dissolved! I am living proof that the body can heal itself when given what it needs.” Dr. Lathon's journey and expertise in holistic nutrition serves her well as the Nutrition Policy Manager and Lobbyist at the Phsyicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. In this role she’s led an initiative to improve child nutrition through providing plant-based options in the National School Lunch Program.  She’s also a featured expert in the amazing documentary They’re Trying To Kill Us. Her work serves as a beacon for those seeking a holistic approach to health. Take a look at all the services her organization has to offer at Roadmap To Holistic Health with Dr. Ruby.

Dr. Brooklynne Palmer  The dynamic force behind beetsbybrooke, Dr. Brooklynne Palmer is “promoting health and realness” through plant-based eating. She is a physician and refreshing content creator who takes an intersectional approach to talking about health and wellness. Dr. Palmer is carving her path in the nutrition community, resonating with so many of us whose struggles have been overlooked in countless ways. Her vibrant approach to holistic health incorporates a size inclusive, Black Queer vegan perspective that is important in our movement. For those who couldn’t catch her during her Food for Life classes at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, follow Dr. Brooke on Instagram for engaging, relatable content. 

Beyond their individual achievements, these women have dedicated themselves to advocacy that goes beyond personal wellness and food choices. We know that Black women are leading the way in the vegan movement today. Let delving into the stories and journeys of these four women inspire you to learn more about making mindful choices, and the other Black women working towards a healthier and more just world. 

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