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It's National Egg (Alternative) Month!

It's National Egg Month - or as we like to refer to it, National Egg *Alternative* Month! We encourage everyone to take this time to explore all the many benefits of cutting eggs out of your diet. From the negative effect eggs have on our health, to the environmental damage and animal cruelty of the egg industry, there are so many reasons to go egg-free. Let us help!

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Egg Alternatives Chart

Check out this chart of all the many substitues for eggs!



Check out our breakfast and dessert recipes featuring egg alternatives!


Eggs Are the Worst!

A blog post about the reasons we should all

avoid eggs

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Further Reading

Check out these links to other resources about the egg industry

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Video: What About Eggs?

Watch this Video by Brenda Sanders about the Egg Industry


Other Resources

Here are some links to our partners who are supporting people in going egg free!

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