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Veguary is a FREE month-long pledge campaign encouraging people to commit to vegan living during the month of February.  This campaign is purposefully situated in the month of February - Black History Month in the United States - to highlight the contributions of Black trailblazers, and the many benefits of vegan living in our communities.

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We're providing resources, support, and community to everyone who takes the Veguary Pledge. Each day will be filled with vegan recipes, online cooking demos, virtual education sessions & panels, daily email updates, live Q&A sessions, exclusive prizes and discounts from vegan brands, and interactive check-ins through our Veguary Facebook group.

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Plant-based traditions have been prominent in cultures throughout the African Diaspora for centuries. In the US, civil rights leaders made some of the earliest and most concise assessments of the connections between our society's systemic racial violence, and the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry. Today, African American's are the fastest growing population of new vegans. Afro-Vegan Society's Veguary campaign is designed to create a pathway to vegan living for people in our community who are interested in making a lifestyle change, but need support from a community that understands and centers the Black experience. 

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