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What is a broiler chicken?

A broiler chicken is a chicken that is raised specifically for meat consumption. The industry prioritizes quick growth in order to increase profit. The broiler chicken is deemed a commodity rather that a life and as a result the broiler chickens are pumped with growth hormones to ensure that they have reached the ideal weight and then they are sent to slaughter at around 4-6 weeks of age. The normal lifespan of a chicken is between 3-7 years.

Each year, roughly 9 billion broiler chicks are hatched in the United States and their sole purpose in life is to grow fast to be consumed.

Unfortunately, chicken is part of the standard American diet and the process through which chickens go from slaughter house to plate is cruel and inhumane. In addition, the consequences of consuming chickens can be detrimental to the health of our community. It is critical that we do our part to change the trajectory of the current chicken dilemma!



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