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5 Black Vegan Activists Who Are Transforming Their Communities

As you may already know, we at Afro-Vegan Society love to celebrate and uplift fellow Black vegan activists! It’s very important that we recognize those who have come before us and those who stand with us now as we all navigate the world through a unique lens and with a similar goal in mind -- to liberate ourselves and animals in captivity from oppressive systems.

Not only is it essential to honor these activists for their amazing work, it’s equally as vital for us to show each and every one of you that change is possible and that people who look like us advocate for those changes everyday. You are not alone on your journey toward making the world a better place and the following change-makers will show you just that!

Of course there are plenty more activists who deserve a similar amount of praise, but we thought we’d get started by shouting out this trailblazing group just in case you haven’t heard of their story, as they are definitely innovators that everyone should know.

Do you want to know who the inspiring folks are? Then keep scrolling to learn more!

Tracye McQuirter

From co-founding the Black Vegetarian Society of New York, to directing the first federally funded vegan nutrition program in the U.S., the VSDC Eat Smart Program, Tracye McQuirter is truly a Black Vegan Trailblazer. She also co-founded Justice for All Species, an animal rights organization for people of color.

If you are interested in learning more, check out what Tracye is up to here:

Christopher Sebastian

Christopher Sebastian is the Director of Social Media for Peace Advocacy Network, a senior fellow at Sentient Media, and co-founder of online vegan news outlet VGN News. He also lectures at Columbia University in the Department of Social Work instructing the graduate course POP: Power, Oppression, and Privilege.

If you are interested in learning more, check out what Christopher is up to here:

Brenda Sanders

Brenda Sanders is a food justice activist and Founder and Executive Director of Afro-Vegan Society, a national non-profit that provides education and resources to help people in marginalized communities transition to veganism. Brenda also co-founded Thrive Baltimore, a community center that offers classes and workshops that helps people live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. She is also co-creator of Vegan SoulFest, a festival that celebrates culture and vegan living.

To find out what Brenda is working on visit

Eugene Cooke

Eugene Cooke is an urban farmer, food justice activist, and co-founder of Grow Where You Are, a program providing underserved communities with roadmaps to create vegetable farms that simultaneously contribute to ecological restoration. Cooke has been helping communities learn how to develop their own gardens and mini-farms for over a decade!

If you want to learn more about Eugene and his work you can find more information here

Olympia Auset

In 2016, Olympia founded SÜPRMARKT, the first low-cost organic grocery service in South Central L.A., that aims to provide fresh, healthy, vegan food. She is currently working on a new campaign, #KeepSlausonFresh, an initiative that aims to open South Central's first all-organic grocery store.

To find out more about this initiative visit

If you are interested in learning more about her, check out what Olympia is up to here:

Aren’t these people fantastic? They never cease to amaze us. Be sure to share this and comment below to let us know if there are any other activists you’d like to see featured on our blog in future posts!

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