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Afro-Vegan Interviews: Omowale Adewale

Omowale Adewale, @omowaleadewale & @blackvegfest, was recently a guest on our Monday LIVE Q&A series over on Instagram! Check out his interview below, visit his pages, and take a look at his websites, and

"The Black community responded wonderfully [to Black VegFest], leading me to believe they agree with the goals of veganism and being community-friendly. The Black community needs to see itself doing whatever is right for the Black community. Self-determination was pivotal. Black business was paramount. Black VegFest makes that perfectly clear by being unapologetically Black. We wanted Black women and queer folk to especially feel like their Blackness was indispensable."

Check out some of press of Omowale and Black VegFest:

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