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Afro-Vegan Interviews: The Vegan Mechanic

If you don’t know already, Antonio Simpson of The Vegan Mechanic is a man of many hats and several talents. Some of those include making delicious vegan comfort food, working as a mechanic, vlogging on YouTube, and selling houses as a realtor!

He also hosted an awesome Vegan Comfort Food cooking demo on our recent Dump Dairy Workshops in June.

We got the chance to chat with him recently on our Monday LIVE Q&A and found out some interesting things most people wouldn’t know. Learn more about him and what he’s all about in our interview!

1. Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Baltimore city, also raised in north east Baltimore.

2. What were your favorite foods growing up?

Pizza was easily my favorite food.

3. How did The Vegan Mechanic begin?

TvM started because I wanted to stick to my vegan lifestyle and also wanted to help others that may have been transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I did not see a lot of Black men when I was transitioning. I wanted to be that person.

4. What many hats do you wear?

I'm a husband and dad first. Then I am a vlogger, realtor, mechanic, Plant-based cook; possibly a few more things mixed in there. Lol

5. How does one do well on YouTube?

Stay consistent, make content to help people, and don't be all self-centered. The content should help people. You should also naturally want to help people if you are starting a channel.

6. What advice do you have for upcoming Black vegan influencers?

To stay consistent, don't pay too much attention to views and follower counts. Attend as many events as possible. Offer as much assistance as possible to other vegans.

7. What is your vegan story

My friend was vegan and he called me out. [He] said I shouldn't eat animals. So I decided to do some research on the vegan lifestyle and I was able to determine that he was right. I initially became vegan to improve my health. Soon after, I realized the harm that was done to animals. So I stopped using all animal-based products.

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?`

[In] 5 years, I'll be the biggest Black vegan influencer and the most-known realtor in Maryland.

Well, there you have it: Several fun facts about one of Baltimore’s favorite vegan influencers! Check him out on YouTube as The Vegan Mechanic, Instagram @_thevegamechanic, and Facebook as The Vegan Mechanic!

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