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Amazing Egg-less Recipes that Prove Plant-Based is Better!

Updated: May 9

It's often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; whether you're getting a healthy start first thing in the morning, going all out for brunch, or making the most of a good thing with "breakfast for dinner". For most of us, eggs have long been a fixture in these meals, in dishes that are both savory and sweet. Increasingly, however, we are learning that eggs are no good! From production to consumption, there is more and more evidence that eggs are bad news for our health, the environment, and of course for the chickens we rely on to produce them. Now is the time to remove eggs from your diet for good, and we have great news - there are so many amazing plant-based breakfast recipes that you can enjoy without eggs!

During National Egg Month, Afro-Vegan Society is hosting a 3-part cooking demo series taking place Saturday's this May. Register for free to learn how to make 6+ ways to enjoy breakfast without eggs using plant-based ingredients including tofu, chickpeas, and mung beans. Get ready for some seriously delicious transformations!

There are so many amazing ways to enjoy amazing egg-less meals that are satisfying and simple to prepare. That's why we've compiled some of the best vegan breakfast recipes from across the internet to show you that it is possible to have scrambles, quiches, pancakes and more while vegan. Let's get into the recipes!

Scrambled Tofu + Potato Breakfast Wrap

by Desirée at

From Desirée's website:

Scrambled tofu is one of my favorite breakfasts to put together. It’s so customizable and easy to make. Often times, it’s also a good reason for me to utilize any veggies that have been hanging out in the fridge for too long. I’ve shared the ingredients for what I’ve used below, but feel free to add in or substitute as you prefer. There’s no right or wrong amount of veggies to add to your scrambled tofu. The more, the merrier!

A Week of Vegan Breakfasts

In this video Ri shares how she makes a week of her simple vegan breakfasts including tofu scramble with vegan sausage, blueberry waffles, and a dairy-free yogurt bowl. Her platform, Plant Based Princess is all about "conscious lifestyle content". From Ri's website:

Consciousness looks different for everyone but for me, it’s being aware and intentional with everything I do, specifically in the areas of health, mental wellness and sustainability. On this platform, I share content such as vegan/plant based what I eat in a day videos, wellness content, thrift hauls, thrift with me videos, productive vlogs, and so much more.

Visit her website here:

Lit 🔥 Vegan BRUNCH IDEAS at Home!

If you're on a mission to master a bomb vegan brunch menu, this video will get you going in the right direction. The recipes in this video are sure to please eaters of all types, with dishes ranging from plant-based "chicken" and waffles to fruit filled crepes. Bon Appetit!

Loaded Chickpea Omelette

From our blog:

This hearty omelette is light, filling, and 100% egg-free! A simple batter is made with chickpea flour, water, and vegan scramble seasoning, then cooked to perfection in a skillet, filled with sautéed vegetables and vegan cheddar shreds, and topped with tomatoes, scallions and avocado slices.

Make-ahead Vegan Breakfasts

by Jenné Claiborne at Sweet Potato Soul

From Jenné's website:

This week I decided to put together some of my favorite make ahead breakfast recipes. You can make these while you’re doing your normal meal prep, and not having to make breakfast everyday should allow you to sleep in a little, or just take it a bit easier in the morning...

Delicious Savoury Vegan Breakfast Recipes!

Looking to incorporate some new savory breakfast recipes into your rotation? Rachel Ama has got you covered! Her recipes are always super fresh and flavorful, fusing together plant-based takes on African, Carribean, and British foods. Her Ackee Scramble and Quick Jerk Beans on Toast look particularly delicious!

Looking for more egg-less vegan recipes?

The recipes featured here will have you eating good for days upon days! If you're looking for even more plant-based breakfast recipes, don't forget to sign up for our free cooking demo series today. We're showing you how to make a variety of dishes from omelettes, to stuffed pastry waffles, to quiche and breakfast pizza, 100% egg-free!

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