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5 Reasons Why We're Excited for NAVCon!

We at Afro-Vegan Society are super excited for our upcoming NAVCon virtual summit premiering on Saturday, November 13th! Although it is about a month away, we thought we'd show you what you could be looking forward to at the event today.

If you haven't heard already, our National Afro-Vegan Conference Virtual Summit is an online event featuring guest speakers, plant-based chefs and medical professionals who promote plant-based eating and vegan living as a solution to many of the global challenges we currently face.

Join us LIVE from 12 pm - 5 pm EST as we feature informative panels, keynote sessions, cooking demos, and more exploring the many ways that vegan living can transform our communities and protect the planet!

Here are 5 reasons why we can't wait to get things poppin':

1. We’re providing an educational and fun space for folks of all kinds to thrive and learn, especially Black and other marginalized vegans and veg-curious people

We do want to make it clear that NAVCon is for everyone! Although we always aim to educate Black and other marginalized communities about vegan living and social issues, we believe that everyone of all backgrounds will benefit from this information.

One thing about us is that we speak and operate from the perspective of Black people in the U.S., but we encourage folks of all kinds to utilize our resources because we want everyone (who's able to) to transition to a vegan lifestyle!

2. Our guest lineup is awesome and we know you are going to love who we have on

We might not be able to give you the full scoop yet, but best believe we’re going to have some exciting guests participating at NAVCon. You can expect to see sensational professionals and content creators such as Dr. Milton Mills, Tracye McQuirter, Turnip Vegan, Cooking with Joya, Yes Baby I Like it Raw, and more!

You’ll also be able to see more of the AVS Team since we’ll be meeting up LIVE together on the day of the summit! We might not show all of our faces on our online content, but you’ll definitely have the chance to get to know us better and to put a face behind the work we do.

3. Every panel topic is very relevant to everything we have going on in the world today

There is so much going on in the world currently and we know it's hard for one to put their emotional stake into all the social issues occurring. It can be very exhausting keeping up with everything but we’re here to keep you hip! We’re going to be discussing issues in a way that seeks solutions rather than just pointing out the problems.

The goal is to recognize and acknowledge these happenings yet reimagine a world in which we treat the planet, its creatures, ourselves, and each other with decency and respect.

4. Connection and community

We are very much so a community-based org in nature! The power of community is often overlooked but it is the only attainable way to seek solace and belonging within a preferred social group. NAVCon not only speaks from the perspective of many communities, but also works as a gateway to find your own. Whether you’re engaged with vegan living/activism, climate justice, food justice, racial justice, or plant-based health, there’s a space and a community for you at NAVCon!

5. We love engaging with you all!

This is basically an extension of community, but we love to share space and engage with y'all! The internet is not necessarily full of caring and compassionate people yet we’ve been lucky to foster such union and camaraderie with many of you. It's very assuring since we are all about community, but it is also great to know that our work resonates with the people we just so happen to assist. We are immensely grateful and appreciative of all your support, and can’t wait to hang with you during next month’s summit!

Don't delay, register for NAVCon today right here!
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