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A Vegan Future Begins with Us

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

With everything going on in the world right now, it's easy to feel uncertain about the future. But in the face of uncertainty our communities find the strength to persevere again and again. As we watch the ways that the world is changing rapidly around us, it is so important we take hold of the things we can control, and make choices that can improve our collective futures. What we eat MATTERS. What we wear MATTERS. The products we use MATTER. How we treat one another MATTERS.

Choosing a plant-rich vegan lifestyle can play a critical role in reversing the legacy of illness in our communities. It is a necessary commitment in taking a stand against the oppressive systems that prevail in our society. Food injustice, environmental racism, economic inequality, gender discrimination, the destruction of our natural resources, and so many more issues are pervasive across our society, including animal agriculture. The earth needs us to be better. We need each other to be better. This Earth Day (and everyday), CHOOSE VEGAN, because our futures depend on it.

Looking for some resources on the benefits of a vegan lifestyle? Check out five articles examining the growing shift towards plant-based living in our community:

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