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5 Portable Egg-less Vegan Recipes that You Need to Try!

May is National Egg Month and here at Afro-Vegan Society, we're on a mission to show you that you don't need animal products to enjoy delicious protein-rich meals. We've rounded up some tasty recipes from some our favorite Black vegan food creators to give you some inspiration in the kitchen for meals that are nourishing and satisfying.

Vegan Quiche Muffins with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Spinach

by Jessica in the Kitchen

From Jessica's website:

These Vegan Quiche Muffins are packed with protein, and you’ll be surprised by how much the taste and texture mimics the original. While I add sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlicky spinach, you can customize them with your favorite veggies and herbs and make these mini quiches your own!

Get the full recipe here:

Tofu Scramble Breakfast Sandwich

by Desirée at

From Desirée's website:

What makes this breakfast sandwich so special you ask? It’s got a nice little southwestern flare that you’ll love! I know I did! The tofu scramble is seasoned with my favorite taco seasoning blend, combined with red onions, and red + green peppers. YUUUUMMM.

Get the full recipe here:

Homemade Breakfast Pastries

by Shakayla of Sweet Greens Vegan

Shakayla's breakfast pastries are made from Just Egg (a vegan product), vegan sausage patties, and a dairy-free pie crust. This recipe has a super simple preparation and because it's handheld, it's prefect to prep in advance and take on the go for busy mornings.

Get the full recipe here:

Breakfast Scramble Pizza

by Afro-Vegan Society

From our blog:

This vegan Breakfast Scramble Pizza a fun take on breakfast that's easy to make and amazing to eat! Made with vegan-friendly crescent roll pastry dough, this breakfast dish is endlessly customizable using your favorite ingredients. This recipe is made with a tofu scramble base loaded with diced peppers and onions, chopped vegan bacon, and a sprinkling of shredded vegan cheese.

Get the full recipe here:

Spanish Tofu Scramble

by Chef Charity Morgan

From Chef Charity's website:

When I was a child, my mom would make these amazing omelettes that she called “Spanish omelettes.” I had to convert this into one of my Plegan breakfast choices.

Get the full recipe here:

Looking for more egg-less vegan recipes and resources?

The recipes featured here will have you eating good for days upon days! If you're looking for even more plant-based breakfast information, visit our Go Egg-less resource page today. We've got cooking demos, education sessions, and even more recipes showing you how to make a variety of dishes from omelets, to stuffed pastry waffles, to quiche and breakfast pizza, 100% egg-free!