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Vegan Soul Food Mac and Cheese Recipes That'll Make You Say Goodbye to Milk for Good

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Afro-Vegan Society has named June National Anti-Dairy month. That means all month long we've been sharing resources and recipes that will help you eliminate dairy from your diet for good. Not only is animal-derived dairy unhealthy, it's production is detrimental to the environment, and exploitative of the cows and the workers within the industry. You may know ALL of this already and are still struggling with letting go of dairy products. That's why each Saturday this month we've been releasing new cooking demos and education sessions during the Dump Dairy Workshop Series. You can register for FREE today and stream all of the workshops on demand through the end of June!

Still, we all know that cheese is one of the most difficult things to say goodbye to when going dairy-free. That's why we've compiled some of the best soul food mac and cheese recipes from across the internet to show you that it is possible to have bomb baked mac and cheese while vegan. Let's get into the recipes!

Easy Baked Vegan Mac and Cheese

by Desirée at

Desirée's vegan cooking is flavorful and approachable. Her recipes are so simple that anyone can have success when making them. This Easy Baked Mac and Cheese recipe is a prime example of that. It has a few simple ingredients and a very straight forward preparation. Give the recipe a try for yourself today!

The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese Ever

Alethea's food is seriously beautiful ya'll. Her Instagram feed is filled with vibrant healthy plant-based meal ideas. She's also quite skilled at creating delicious comfort food recipes. Her baked mac and cheese recipe looks super delicious. And, if you're lucky enough to live in Central Florida, she has a weekly meal delivery business called PlantStyle delivering vegan deliciousness to your door.

The Best Baked Mac N Chz

Korenn is a vegan genius in the kitchen. She transforms ingredients like mushrooms, chickpeas, and rice paper wrappers into vegan versions of pot roast, brown stew chicken, and crispy fried chicken sandwiches. She takes her time to use multiple techniques and build amazing flavor in all of her dishes. Her baked mac and chz recipe is no different. Give this recipe a try and take a look at her other vegan creations while you're at it. You wont be disappointed!

Vegan Soul Food Mac and Cheese

B Foreal is a vegan comfort food queen. On her YouTube channel she creates vegan versions of dishes including cheese steak egg rolls, crab fries, and chicken and waffles. This video includes a recipe for vegan mac and cheese made with potatoes, carrots, and cashews. Watch the entire video for recipes to complete your soul food dinner.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

by Jenné Claiborne at Sweet Potato Soul

Jenné shares a bounty of nourishing vegan recipes on her YouTube channel and blog, Sweet Potato Soul. Her creamy baked mac and cheese recipe features pasta shells and is made with a butternut squash base. You can find the full recipe on her website, here. If you're looking for more soulful vegan recipes, check out her cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul.

Want to enjoy delicious vegan mac and cheese with minimal preparation?

Ayinde Howell is making his vegan interpretation of his grandmother's mac and cheese easy to enjoy at home with his product, Mac & Yease. Simply place your order and they'll ship you a 32 oz package to bake up in your oven. Wanna give it a try for free? Enter our give away on Instagram for your chance to win one of 3 - 32 oz packages as we wrap up National Ant-Dairy Month!

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