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Afro-Vegan Interviews: Andrea of Shamelessly Fabulous

Andrea of @shamelesslyfabulous has twice been a guest on our Monday LIVE Q&A series over on Instagram! Check out her interview below, visit her IG page, and take a look at her wonderful and uplifting website

A description of Shamelessly Fabulous on the website:

"Shamelessly Fabulous was created with the thought of OWNING how fabulous you are. Meeting yourself in the space at whatever capacity and saying to yourself 'I am fabulous' whether you are in sweats or a ball gown whether you are rocking a full face of makeup or letting your natural beauty shine. This is my labor of love for family and friends who are curious about a compassionate lifestyle. Just in case others stumble across this space I’m going to introduce myself!"

Check out some content from the Shamelessly Fabulous Instagram:

Watch Andrea's interview now

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