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7 Tips for Transitioning to Plant-Based Eating

Updated: May 12, 2020

Transitioning to a eating a plant-based diet can be fun, easy and exciting - or it can be dull, difficult and stressful. The kind of experience you have largely depends on how you approach this journey. Here are 7 helpful tips to make your plant-based journey a positive, life-changing experience!

1. Be Clear About Why You’re Transitioning Your Diet

If you’re considering overhauling your entire diet, you should first know exactly why you’re doing it. Are you transitioning to a plant-based diet to be healthier, because you’re concerned about animal products’ connection to climate change, because you don’t want to participate in animal abuse, or some combination of these reasons? Understanding your reason for transitioning to plant-based eating will create a clear path for you to be successful at accomplishing your goal.

2. Do Your Research

With all the books, articles, blogs and websites dedicated to plant-based eating, there’s an unlimited amount of information available about everything from how to get proper nutrition from plant-based foods to how to prepare delicious meals to how to survive the holidays with family. Being as informed as possible about all the different aspects of the plant-based diet will give you the confidence you need to forge ahead on this plant-based food journey.

3. Plan Ahead

Jumping right into plant-based eating without a plan is a recipe for failure. Changing the entire way you eat is a big deal, and should be treated as such. Creating meal plans, shopping lists, finding plant-based recipes for your favorite dishes and locating restaurants near you that offer plant-based foods will ensure that you stay on track - even if you find yourself busy or stressed. Coming up with a well-thought-out plan could be the key to a successful transition to plant-based eating.

4. Find A Support System

Whether it’s social media groups, Meetup groups, online forums or in-person potlucks, it’s important to find networks of like-minded people to support you during this transition. Because we live in a society that glorifies eating animal products, we need as much support as possible when making such a large and important diet change. People who’ve been eating plant-based for years can be especially supportive and helpful in encouraging newbies to stay on track.